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Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 15 (chapitres 73 à ??)
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Situation bien résumée par notre State Alchemist national :

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Re : Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 15 (chapitres 73 à ??)
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@Proteus : the "unknown Dryad" only appeared in one panel and could have been a "prototype" for Horkos, or whoever was supposed to be Erda's / Aiolia's opponent?
Being faceless, one can easily cheat to associate with any incorporeal dryad: Poinè, Lethe, Horkos..

But the author has screwed with her own hands, as it's visible the flower associated with the dryad, and it isn't any of those mentioned...

If you think it's an aborted char, then I think this dryad was proto Deimos&Phobos.
the first for the hair; the second because Phobos was associated with the marigold. It was drawn very similar, only the leaf were a bit different.
Maybe Ares' phantom weren't on Kuori's plan at that time.  [:fufufu]

Or maybe it's just a different flower, like a dahlia, but I'm not botanist, they're difficult to recognize.

Anyway I insist it's a tokusa-Neptune's temple, as Kuori have to show the last two enemy in the meteor falling to the earth.
It may have a different look, but the same flower.