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The Lost Canvas / [TLC] -Dégel Gaiden
« le: 13 décembre 2011 à 20:27:41 »
Onlyl last three? :( what a pity...

The Lost Canvas / [TLC] - Cardia Gaiden
« le: 29 juillet 2011 à 18:55:24 »
What the hell...? I'm Mexican and I for one prefer Vodka to Tequila most of the times, who said we did not drink Vodka?  [:lol]

Cela dit, vu qu'il s'agit de version déjà sous-titrée en espagnol, si quelqu'un a des raws vierges qui pourront accueillir les futurs sous-titres d'Archange, ma boîte à MP est preneuse :D

Actually, it's portuguese.  It's supposed to be similar but I don't understand anything xD

Thanks to Archange for the quick script translation =)

This arc promises, indeed.  Leaving "character hating" aside (I've always tought it's kind of... stupid, no offense intended) two things bother me a lot about this chapter, which of course have already been commented more or less:

1. Why does Aspros wear a surplice again? It makes absolutely no sense at all, Aspros is supposed to had become one with Deuteros by now.  Did the Rewind Bio (what a name for a technique, by the way... I have no idea how I'm going to translate it into spanish without making it sound like crap, lol) erase all traces of Deuteros? As hinted by what Kairos says about a "pre-fetal state, where no younger nor older brother exist" That would be weird, since Aspros later remarks it had no effect and that now, he "is", just like that.  I could think that maybe the technique damaged Deuteros but did nothing to Aspros... ha, that's even weirder...

On the other side, the Rewind Bio could have just splitted the brothers again and then we will see Deuteros donning the Gemini cloth to fight alongside his surplice-wearing big brother against a god.  That would be really nuts... and really cool!  [:aie]  but I shall give up on this possibility, since Shiori has never, ever done what I expect her to (for good or bad) :(

2. The Mephistopheles Specter being exactly the same as a forsaken god of time doesn't make sense either, even if the argument: "Kairos' vendetta against Chronos drives him to plot an elaborate coup d'etat to overthrow Olympus" does seem plausible.  So, I too would agree with the argument of a possession, which Youma would've in fact allowed since -as he admitted to- he enjoys chaos, theathrical plays and mixing stuff up "like a marble surface".  Furthermore, Kairos could've come up with the idea when he realized Youma and Partita would give birth to "Pegasus, the murderer of gods"

Anyway, I insist; this arc is promisory :) so I really hope Shiori, her assistants, or whoever won't screw up this time like they did with Radamanthys :(


This is both awesome and beautiful.  I was truly moved by this. Expecting a wallpaper! =)

Merci again, Archange.

Just to clarify, on my behalf and my community (named SSTLC, Latin American fan-based), these subtitles will be only used privately and when re-translated to spanish, will not be given away to any fansub group, affiliated -or not- with me or SSTLC.

It's sad not everyone will respect your wishes, since you do so much for us all fans, not only in France but all the way to North, Central and South America (the ones who can understand french/english anyway  [:lol].  But rest assured, even if it's insignificant, I will.  :D

Wish you the best and thank you yet again.

Merci Archange!

First public post ... do not understand a modicum of French, but babelfish + common sense does the work when I do need to understand. Having been given permission by Archange to retranslate the manga script from French to Spanish, I dare ask, concerning this:

... But there's nothing that changes over dialogue spoilers.

What about Dohko's <"blurry scan"> line on page 19, at the end? Nothing on it yet? Here's from Trevor, it's not illisible anymore:

Thanks in Advance :D Oh, and here's the original source:

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