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Kagaho frere de Hades, naaaaaa


Trad archange


Dôko: Kagaho...

Dôko: Si ce jeune garçon que j'ai aperçu au sein des flammes représente bien ton passé...

Dôko: Alors tu es bien un homme qui connaît la douleur de ceux qui essaient de protéger autrui !

Dôko: Tu ne peux pas te transformer en monstre... ou plutôt, je ne te laisserai pas faire !


Dôko: Retourne vers le soleil, Kagaho du Bénou !!

Dôko: Rozan Kô Ryû Ha !!!


Kagaho: Lâches-moi !!

Kagaho: Qu'est-ce que t'as en tête ?

Kagaho: Si on continue à s'élever ainsi vers les cieux, la pression causée par l'accélération détruira aussi bien mon Surplis que ta Cloth.

Kagaho: Alors pourquoi ?

Kagaho: A ce train-là, tu mourras également, Dôko !!

Dôko: Pff...

Dôko: C'est une de mes mauvaises habitudes.

Dôko: Je ne laisse jamais tomber une cause qui n'est pas perdue !


Dôko: Tu as le même regard triste qu'avait mon honorable maître.

Dôko: J'ai gardé des regrets.

Dôko: Au dernier moment, juste avant de perdre son ultime once d'humanité, mon maître a préféré devenir un dragon s'élevant vers les cieux.

Dôko: Il a vécu dans la solitude pendant un millier d'années, et a aussi fini seul.

Dôko: Je me suis alors demandé si je n'aurais pas du accompagner ce maître si respecté.


Dôko: Kagaho, il n'est plus question que je laisse quelqu'un mourir dans la solitude !

Dôko: Tant que tu seras un Spectre...

Dôko: Et que ta colère sera dirigée vers ce monde qui t'as pris ton frère...

Dôko: Et tant que tu souhaitera tout incinérer, nous ne pourrons vivre en amis, alors...

Dôko: Peut être que cette amitié ne sera possible que dans la mort.

Kagaho: Espèce de naïf.

Kagaho: Tu es prêt à perdre la vie pour ça ?

Kagaho: Pour moi, ton ennemi ?

Kagaho: Quel imbécile.

Kagaho: Se sacrifier pour quelqu'un d'autre !


Dôko: N'est-ce pas un sentiment que tu as toi-même toujours ressenti ?

Dôko: Kagaho.

Dôko: C'est une vie d'humain qui te convient.

Dôko: Nous venons de quitter la stratosphère ?

Kagaho: Vraiment ?

Kagaho: Protéger les autres en tant qu'humain ? Je...

Kagaho: ...Suis humain ? Seigneur Alone...

Kagaho: Vivre en humain est-il acceptable ?

Kagaho: Sui !!


Sui: Vis librement, grand frère.

Sui: Vis baigné par le soleil qui se pose sur ta peau.

Sui: Ton rêve est de marcher sous ce soleil.


Kagaho: Sui, tu n'étais pas un fardeau pour moi.

Kagaho: Tu me donnais la force de continuer.

Kagaho: Je voulais te protéger.

Kagaho: Je souhaitais réaliser tes rêves.

Kagaho: Je ne désirais rien de plus.


Alone: Kagaho !


Dôko: La couleur de ses flammes a changé !

Kagaho: Le faible c'était moi ?

Dôko: Kagaho...

Kagaho: Dans ce cas-là, je...



Dôko: Kagaho...

Dôko: If the young boy I saw among these flames is indeed your past...

Dôko: Then you're a man who knows the pain of protecting others !

Dôko: You can't become a monster... or rather, I won't let you become one !


Dôko: Go back towards the sun, Bennu Kagaho !!

Dôko: Rozan Kô Ryû Ha !!!


Kagaho: Let me go !!

Kagaho: What are you thinking ?

Kagaho: If we continue to raise in the sky, the pressure induced by the acceleration will destroy my Surplice and your Cloth as well.

Kagaho: So why ?

Kagaho: At that rate, you'll die too, Dôko !!

Dôko: Pff...

Dôko: A bad habit of mine.

Dôko: I can't let go of something that's not completely lost !


Dôko: You have the same sad eyes as my honorable teacher.

Dôko: I had regrets.

Dôko: At his very last moment, just before losing his last bir of humanity, my teacher chose to become a rising dragon going to the sky.

Dôko: He lived in loneliness for a thousand years, and also ended alone.

Dôko: I then wondered if it would not have been better for me to go with him.


Dôko: Kagaho, I won't let someone die alone again !

Dôko: As long as you'll be a Specter...

Dôko: And you'll have this anger directed at the world which took your brother's life...

Dôko: And as long as you'll want to burn everything, we won't be able to live as friends, so...

Dôko: Maybe this friendship will be possible in death.

Kagaho: So naive.

Kagaho: You're determined to lose your life for that ?

Kagaho: For me, your enemy ?

Kagaho: What a fool.

Kagaho: To sacrifice yourself for someone else !


Dôko: Isn't that a feeling you know well ?

Dôko: Kagaho.

Dôko: You're suited for a human life.

Dôko: We just left the stratosphere ?

Kagaho: Really ?

Kagaho: Protect others as a human ? I...

Kagaho: ...am human ? Lord Alone...

Kagaho: Is it ok to live as a human ?

Kagaho: Sui !!


Sui: Live freely, brother.

Sui: Live bathed by that sun warming your skin.

Sui: Your dream is to walk under that sun.


Kagaho: Sui, you weren't not a burden for me.

Kagaho: You gave me the will to strive.

Kagaho: I wanted to protect you.

Kagaho: I wished to make you dreams come true.

Kagaho: That was my only desire.


Alone: Kagaho !


Dôko: His flames'color has changed !

Kagaho: Was I the weak one ?

Dôko: Kagaho...

Kagaho: In that case, I...

Leggetelo con attenzione ci sono delle piccole novità, ma significative.

Che cosa sono le parti che kuru ha tagliato nel vecchio manga di hades?? :o  :o  Le voglioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

dal blog di http://ameblo.jp/toripon510/page-1.html#main

Patience? Just another fan's mind talking out2010-03-29 17:02:15
I was originally writing this message to the sender but I think I should share it here, too. In case you are interested of course.

Hyogakun, thank you for let me answer this to you and allow me to share what I know and can talk about.

All this entry is for you. If other people want to read it they are free to do it.

====================== Sender's comment


Do you know why there is a break in the publication of ND again??
It is easily understandable that we cannot get a chapter in full color every week,
but couldn't it be possible to have a chapter every month, or every three weeks??
If you read the reaction of fans, they are REALLY fed up with this. How can we follow a story
that keeps interrupting like that? Do you know what the official position of Kurumada-sensei is?
And what about Akita? What is Ginga Shinwa after all?
It is really hard for fans to be kept in ignorance. If you are allowed to give more information about
the whole situation, could you please reinsure all the fans??
Thanks again for all you are doing!

Best regards,


++++++++++++++++++++++ My personal reply which don't represent our position, knowledge or something.

Hi, Hyogakun.

This is JapanRockStar, and we really appreciate your messages, thanks.

We usually don't reply to all the messages but I totally understand your reaction and concern. I'm sure a lot of fans around the world feel the same.

I'll try to answer what I can and what I, JapanRockStar, knows about this situation.

First let me clean up some wrong ideas out there.

All the decisions about a manga serialization of any story in any publication are taken by a Chief Editor. In this case, he has been scheduling these breaks of the serialization of Next Dimension since the first time.

An important percentage of fans have a wrong idea of Mr. Kurumada's work or interest about his story Seiya. Even when Mr. Kurumada has been under a tight schedule he wakes up early in the morning to continue his works.

As a side reference, you already know by now about the current works where Mr. Kurumada is related, they are scheduled in the right side of our blog:
- Next Dimension
- Galaxy Myth
- The Lost Canvas manga
- The Lost Canvas anime
- Ring ni kakeru anime
- A certain hollywood production
- A certain production of a CD
- SEGA game
- and more...
* sorted in no particular order

Mr. Kurumada has no responsibility or a definitive decision about a serialization in Shounen Champion, his only responsibility is to have his new chapter a month earlier to the publication on Chief Editor's desktop, and remove, edit, add whatever feedback he receives from Akita's Chief Editor; this is everywhere and with everyone. As you know Mr. Kurumada had to edit and remove most of the story of Hades back in Shounen Jump due certain circumstances and the huge impact of the Golden Era manga stories back then, but you already know about it.

As you can see, after the huge impact of The Lost Canvas in anime and manga, the Chief Editor decided these recent breaks in order to long-last the popularity and great sales of Shounen Champion and the Seiya Boom as part of the Seiya Project since 2008 and it's current evolution. Add the situation of other authors wanting the same privilege Mr. Kurumada has with it's color pages in the magazine and book.

Also even when he got sick last year most of the drawings are made by his assistants, as you saw recently in Manga no Genba and have seen since other shows where Mr. Kurumada shows his work place.

All the story you have been reading until now has been on his notes since last year and on sketches later. This process doesn't take that long. What takes a bit long is the colorization, but nothing to care about. Just a note: the sketches are not necessary the same as the page you see in Shounen Champion.

I strongly recommend to wait for summer. Hey, at least we have something about Seiya, and there are news about Seiya almost every day. We as fans didn't have that intense activity and information a few years ago. We will have Seiya for more years, that's for sure.

Next. Ginga Shinwa (銀河神話) is officially named Galaxy Myth. I honestly have almost zero knowledge about this, I think only our leader and maybe sasshi may have information about this part of the story. But as you read here a few entries back, it's focused in the feelings between the main characters, of course with fights and everything. That may give you an idea what I'm trying to tell you here.

I hope you find this information useful, feel free to ask me anytime, because I'm the only one replying now. We have a lot of work and most of us just type hell fast from our cellphones to keep you up to date.

Thank for you reading us,

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Original Soundtrack

Grazie a Daito de All4Seiya


2. The Realm Athena(EUROX)
3. 幼き日のテンマとアローン(和田薫) Itoki hi no Tenma to Alone (Tenma and Alone from the young days)
4. サーシャの祈り(和田薫) Sasha no inori (Sasha's prayer)
5. 森の大聖堂(和田薫) Mori no daiseidou (The cathedral in the forest)
6. 冥王ハーデス(和田薫) Meiou Hades (Hades the underworld king)
7. 覚醒(和田薫) Kakusei (Awaken)
8. パンドラ(和田薫) Pandora (Pandora)
9. 冥闘士(和田薫) Specter (Specter)
10. 天秤座の童虎(和田薫) Tenbinza no Douko (Libra Douko)
11. 天暴星ベヌウの輝火(和田薫) Tenbousei Benuu no Kagaho (Bennu Kagaho of the Celestial Violence Star)
12. 乙女座のアスミタ(和田薫) Otomoza no Asmita (Virgo Asmita)
13. 牡牛座のアルデバラン(和田薫) Oushiza no Aldebaran (Tauro Aldebaran)
14. 女神アテナ(和田薫) Megami Athena (Goddess Athena)
15. 聖域(和田薫) Sanctuary (Sanctuary)
16. 小宇宙(和田薫) Cosmo (Cosmo)
17. 二人の青銅聖闘士(和田薫) Futari no Borunzo Saint (The two Bronze Saints)
18. 聖闘士の修業(和田薫) Saint no shuugyou (Saint's training)
19. 絆(和田薫) Kizuna (Bonds)
20. 休息(和田薫) Kyuusoku (Rest)
21. 遠い記憶(和田薫) Tooi kioku (A far memory)
22. 約束の花輪(和田薫) Yakusoku no hanawa (Promised wreath)
23. ジャミール(和田薫) Jamil (Jamil)
24. 冥界の罠(和田薫) Meikai no wana (The underworld's trap)
25. 灰色のキャンバス(和田薫) Haiiro no Canvas (The grey canvas)
26. 冥府の三重奏(和田薫) Meifu no sanjyuusou (Trio of netherworld)
27. 暗黒からの使者(和田薫) Ankoku kara no shisha (Messenger from darkness)
28. 死闘(和田薫) Shitou (A desperate struggle)
29. デスメッセンジャー(和田薫) Death messenger (Death messenger)
30. 聖闘士の死(和田薫) Saint no shi (Saint's death)
31. 教皇とハーデス(和田薫) Kyoukou to Hades (The pope and Hades)
32. 激突(和田薫) Gekitotsu (Clash)
33. 聖衣の誇り(和田薫) Cloth no hokori (Cloth's pride)
34. 聖戦(和田薫) Seisen (Sacred war)
35. 天馬星座の聖闘士(和田薫) Pegasus no Saint (Pegasus Saint)
36. 花の鎖(生乃麻紀) Hana no kusari (Chain of flowers)

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