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Re : Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 8 (chapitres 31 à ??)
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Likely she's gonna be killed by Saga the next chapter yet.  [:pfft]

But if she doesn't, she might be the other unknown person, who was giving Nike to Saori, along with Aeson and Mayura.
The long hair may just be covered by the cape, or she had cut short after 8 years, or it was a proto version and Kuori decided after to have her looking like Kyoko.

If they're actually the same person, I guess she was the saintia who founded the Accademy 5 years before (the same time this flashback takes place).

Just speculations, anyway ^^;;

12 juin 2016 à 00:40:33
Re : Re : Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 8 (chapitres 31 à ??)
Tome 02, chapitre 7.
C'est un séquence durant laquelle Saori rêve/a une vision (à titre personnel, j'ai du mal à concevoir que ce soit un réel souvenir, mais je peux me tromper).
Saori y est présentée jeune lorsqu'elle reçoit Niké.

Il est effectivement possible que le chevalier lui remettant le sceptre soit Aeson. En effet, il a la même coupe de cheveux et porte son ruban autour de la tête.
Concernant les deux autres par contre, il y a quand même peu d'éléments sur lesquels se baser.
Thanks for your clarification.

Someone would doubt the happening of this scene, since it's shown during a dream of Saori (nightmare ^^;; ). Of course what we see the following pages has never happened

But that scene with Nike was real, Kuori had told us.
In prepublication in Champion Red that page came with a note that should say something like "this's a fragment of memories of Saori's childhood".
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It was cut off in the volumes, as all magazine's annotatios are.
I won't question the author had changed idea about, especially after a character who looks exactly like that man was introduced later in the story.

I think there was Mayura too, because when she visited Saori in third volume, she commented it was a long time since she hadn't meet Athena in person.
This could have happened 5 years before in that flashback, when the "rebels" have encountered Saori to give her Nike.
It makes sense.

The other is just my speculation about the new char introduced the last chapt. ^^

12 juin 2016 à 16:22:31
Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 9 (chapitres 35 à ??)

next month (2ch) :

Cover: Seintia
Appendix: Seintia draw down Bathing Poster (Gemini Saga)  [:pfft]

18 juillet 2016 à 18:13:40
Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 9 (chapitres 35 à ??) spoiler

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17 septembre 2016 à 12:26:00
Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 9 (chapitres 35 à ??)
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17 septembre 2016 à 23:39:31
Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 9 (chapitres 35 à ??) cmk_k tweet

resume in portuguese by Taizen Saint seiya

"Stage 38: Intoxicação com Admiração"

Continuando o flashback, vemos que Katya está prestes a ser morta pelo lado maligno de Saga, quando o cosmo de Atena envia a Armadura de Coroa Boreal para protegê-la. O lado bom de Saga consegue conter o lado maligno.
Katya diz a Aphrodite que deseja uma audiência com o Mestre. Ela deve sua vida ao lado bom de Saga, que a salvou antes. Saga lhe dá a missão de pegar Saori.
De volta à prisão do Templo da Lua, Callisto surge diante de Katya e explica que aquele local usa o poder da lua para purificação, mas elas tem resistido por isso devem ser eliminadas. Katya pede desculpas, mas insiste em pedir ajuda de Ártemis. Mesmo reconhecendo que Atena é a irmã querida de Ártemis, Callisto diz que Katya precisa dar uma prova de boa-fé à Ártemis, para isso ela precisa se livrar da intoxicação por admiração a Saga que ela possui em seu coração. Mas Callisto afirma se ela o fizer, ainda assim será punida e não poderá lembrar de Saga mesmo que queira (isso me lembra o discurso do Moa contra Hyoga no filme do Lucifer). Katya observa a imagem de Saga e termina o capítulo destruindo ele com o seu golpe Jewelic Tears.

Evil seed Good Saga really killed, or just cliffhanger ?

20 septembre 2016 à 12:35:21
Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 9 (chapitres 35 à ?? - 20/12/2016) New enemy!

@suwaraidou  twitter

18 octobre 2016 à 23:24:24
Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 10 (chapitres 41 à 46 - 18/08/2017) comic strip:


23 août 2017 à 00:26:49
Re : [Episode G.A.] Tome 11 (chapitres 72 à 79) Okada in his twitter is alluding to the fact that he had imagined this plottwist already in 2003 !?!

23 août 2017 à 10:39:14
Re : Re : [Saintia Shô] Volume 11 (chapitres 47 à ??) So eventually Erda could have been of the same island of Esmeralda's, or very near....  [:fufufu]

Pffffffffff, elle pouvait pas prendre une autre constellation, non?
Maybe the Black Saint who killed Rebecca 'll be inedited ?
(nope, it will wear a leather protection like Jango, won't he?)  :haha:

21 octobre 2017 à 17:54:35