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Before her "canonical" appearance in the short novel Sain Seiya Golden Age,
the minor goddess Astraea had a brief showing in Sakamihara 's doujinshi "Zeus Chapter" .
She was in a couple of illustration and in the short gaiden about Faust de Mars.

When I compared her  with Kuori 's drawing I found a convincing resemblance, imho.

Knowing that ms Kuori is one of the artist who make more references to other media besides kurumanga (TV series, movie, games ... ),
 could she might have taken inspiration from something unofficial; but I think it's well in saint seiya fandom  ??

Discussions Générales / Les (nombreux) maîtres de Hyoga.
« le: 28 octobre 2020 à 09:58:10 »
In the other topic Moïra started a stimulating discussion about the Hyoga’s master. Without expanding the off-topic there, I decided to continue here.

There are two important interviews, I think little known here.
When Crystal Saint was released as myth cloth premium, there was a reportage on the magazine Figure Oh #109. Kozo Morishita explains the genesis of this filler saint.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

A complete translation in Portoguese:
We learn when the first episode of the anime was broadcast, the production of the scripts had already reached the whole plot developed by Kurumada in manga (battle with Ikki).
In the script of ep 15 it has been determined the development of original characters, to expand the relationships: Docrates, Cassios’ brother.
Hyoga’s master was introduced in ep 17.

So these filler characters, sonota saint, were conceptualized when the silver saint didn't exist yet!
They are the result of a huge misunderstanding on the part of the producers of the anime.
Their early impression of Kurumada's story was that the constellation saints were attributable to Saori Kido (ten bronze saint and the golden cloth)
Whereas the enemies from the Sanctuary were something different.
They weren’t  saint of constellation.

Therefore the fact that Docrates & Co didn’t present themselves with the name of a constellation was not something agreed with Kurumada, to avoid duplication with saint that he wanted to introduce later, likely.
We’d say that there was really NO interchange with kurumada at this stage.

As ridiculous as it may sound us, Arles wasn’t supposed to have any Perseus saint, or Taurus, under his orders.
He has other kind of saints….. (sonota)

So Crystal was the true first master of Hyoga.
Was Scorpio saint, from WSJ prepubblication, his second master? The user Moïra was also speculating if Milo was supposed to be Hyoga’s master since his debut with Aioria at the Pope's audience.

The answer is no. Masami planned something different.
 We know from another interview he gave for a Japanese magazine “Pafu”.
It was published on 13th April 1987, just a couple of day before in Jump was published the infamous chapter with Scorpio sinking the boat of Hyoga’s mother in Syberia.
But you have to take in account the interview was recorded before.

It has to be after 24th February anyway, because the interviewer make a reference to SHAKA gaiden. It was pubblished along with regular chapter where Aioria confronts the Pope and Virgo gets in the way.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Spanish translation here:

Kurumada states that he would like to write more gaiden about the protagonists, like Hyoga and his master he annihilated  "qu'il a anéanti ..."

Hyoga’s master was already dead!  [:blessure2]  [:hyosad]
As much incredible as it may sound, this revelation perfectly aligns with the incipit of the manga.
We don’t see his teacher nowhere in Siberia. Hyoga claims to be already a saint, but he needs the  letter from the Santuary to retrieve his cloth.  [:fufufu]

Imho it look much like Ikki’s backstory, he killed Guilty to become saint.
Maybe the repetitiveness could have made Kurumada change his mind about the fate of the Hyoga’s master.
But it must be taken into account too in that time span (march ‘87) the episodes 20 and 21 aired in TV, Hyoga fights Crystal Saint.

As we ‘d agree Kurumada took inspiration from that episode for Pope’s genromaoken to resolve the stall beetween Aioria and Shaka, then he’s moved from his idea of a dead master.
It’s more emotional if it takes place in the present.

In case there're still doubts, I suggest you read another question from this interview in which Masami denies any interference by him in the anime adaptation, so far.

Hope this have clarified , Moïra. ;)

Discussions Générales / Cloth inédites de Kurumada.
« le: 24 août 2020 à 19:03:33 »
The occurrence is known, but as it was received with a lot of skepticism here on the forum, since there're recent findings not everybody may be aware of, I think it deserves its own thread.

In the end of 2014 Mandarake to celebrate the 25th anniversary of SS was selling a lot of goodies,  Cels link, preproduction note for the tv series link, etc.

Notably there was an auction  for 25 sheets of drawings by Masami Kurumada to Toei  & Bandai department.
In this we have the sketches of 3 inedit cloth, never seen in the manga.
Toucan, Pavo and Dorade , with even their objects.

As this constellations appear somehow in tv series too, it’s especially interesting as someone may consider these the pseudo-canonical manga version. LOL

The Bandai pack was made to let them to develop diecast figures in advance.
Here’s the bronze V2 :
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
The paper appears different from the kind used for the other sheets.

For the gold saint, both sides of the paper were used, the front for the character, denoted (A) and the back for the object (B).
So this may take a total of 13 sheets, as we have evidences for an extra page for Libra’s weapon.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The last one is Pisces non Aphrodite.
I mean, you should remember not every gold saint were established at this point.
This guy is actually the muscular tanned pisces saint we usually see in the settei, even in recent databooks, as they really never remade it for Aphro.
I’m glad to finally see he’s got a face and eyes. LOL  [:lol]

Then there’re the sheets of the first movie.
Here’s the front (A) is used for the face of the ghost saint and the notes, while the (B) is used for the  full body in cloth and the object.
Notably in the back we always find a rectangular that suggest they were drawn in papers usually for the storyboard in animation.
The Capricorn cloth before have two perpendicular lines that prompt that was the case too, but it isn’t very clear.

Although not new as seen yet in Jump mag, here are (two) ghost saint cloth in their full glory!

The faces’re inedit though. We learn that was Masami who suggested the pairing with the bronze saint.
This is (4)(B) Pegasas Seiya  vs  Sagitta Maya

This is Andromeda Shun  vs  Sorrento

Lyra saint was a different char, originally!  [:chiyo1]

A friend of mine suggested this may have been just an early concept, Masami ‘d have redrawn in a later time.
I think instead Araki was invented the “Mime” appearance.
This might explain why in WSJ were shown only the cloth and object by Kurumada, but the face were from Araki’s settei.

This alpha Lyra looks a lot like Orpheus from Ring ni Kakero (maybe a little more curly hair?).
Not to make it a total copycat, Kuru planned to name this saint Orphée.
Toei dropped the recycled design, but keept the name instead. LOL

Kurumada used this look for his next musician, Sorrento, but when he presented his true Lyra saint in Hades, he had to make it different.. but he mantained the original name Orphée.

People who thought once Kurmada pay omaged to Mime, they weren’t so wrong, after all!!! ROTFL ;)

In the notes the constellation was spelled as “harp”. I can’t read the other handwritten (anybody?)

Looking back at the full body illustration, we realize the saint actually had short and curly hair!
The name of Masami Kurumada appear in that paper, jut under (1)(A). It looks a stamp, in Japan it has the same value as a handwritten signature.
In Scutum cloth we don’t see it, but I guess that page was too full and could be on the other side.
In Capricornus there is.

But it’s present in another sheet.

This is Pavo saint “autographed” by Kurumada.
We ‘d conclude he was the one who conceived, that was later adapted for the anime filler.
Some difference in the helmet, the knee pads…  the peacock’s tail were 4 like manga Phoenix’s and more similar. Araki cut down one, like Phoenix!

To help in the visualisation, the admin of ssnextdimension.com, whom also goes the credit of the discover of these picture in Mandarake website, made a vectorisation of it.

The long hair make me wonder if Agora was suppose to wear this cloth.
The other theory is this cloth was made as a candidate for a ghost saint, rejected, but then recovered when they needed two saint as Shaka’s disciples, because the Pavo was and ideal choice.
Unfortunately we can’t be sure about the dating of this paper.

The Dorado saint isn’t new for the ones who have looked at the page of the auction.

We can’t see any kurumada stamp. Archange had his concerns about the presence of cursive words.

But you can’t deny the layout of page is consistent with the one of Pavo.
An increase in contrast shows black horizontal bands that are also noticeable in the other paper.

I don’t like the cloth. But as the video above explain, there’re a lot of dettails who were later reprise for Marina’s scale: herringbone armor, the wings like Scylla, …

In this page we found the other steel saint original saint.
It was all the time along in this page of Mandarake, but we all miss it. Thanks again to Grupo Next Dimension, so we can all have a look. 
The winner of the auction never shared them (understandable, but unfortunate).

Very small and clear pict. but the vectorisation helps a lot.

It looks horrible. Sho’s colours scheme definitely doesn’t help here. I’d like to see in monochrome.
I guess there’s a reason this two didn’t make the cut in the anime or manga.. or will we see them some day ???  [:dawa]

From the dark meanders of the Net, finally has surfaced few pictures of the teaser made by Bandai at the beginning of 2000s for an attempt to product a "power ranger" telefilm for the American pubblic, then aborted.

So far very few people had the opportunity to watch it, Pierre Giner for the Animeland mag (thank again for sending me the scans).

My friend webmaster of Grupo Next Dimension, who was obsessed about this lost project even interviewing mr Giner to collect more info link, has found this new information and made a video analisis:

screen  [:lol]

the actors

Ophiucus Staff, before it was mainstream LOL

Produits dérivés / [Jeu vidéo] Saint Seiya Senki (PS3)
« le: 18 juin 2011 à 09:49:05 »
Saint Seiya débarque sur PS3

Namco Bandai prépare cinématographique jeu d'action basé sur de mêlée manga populaire et l'anime.

Namco Bandai prépare une PlayStation 3 de conversion du manga Saint Seiya populaires et l'anime. Révélé dans une page deux répandre dans le présent numéro de V Jump, le jeu PS3 est intitulé "Saint Seiya Senki" (qui pourrait peut-être traduit comme Saint Seiya Chronicle).

Aller décrit le genre de l'adaptation en tant que «l'action de mêlée du cinéma." Les divers saints seront affrontant des ennemis innombrables. Les caractères confirmée ou le jeu incluent Cygnus Hyoga, Shiryu Dragon, Andromède Shun, Pegasus Seiya et Ikki Phoenix.

Bien qu'il n'y ait pas de détails de gameplay encore, Jump ne mentionner que tant que vous vous battez, vous verrez les messages de vos chers saints, indiqué au bas de l'écran.

Une sortie est prévue pour cet automne.

official website

Dragonica Online, est le MMORPG fantasy, peuplé de personnages dans le style chibi.

entre les armures qu'ils avaient mis en place quelques spéciaux inspirés par SS Gold Cloth!
 [:cerveau love] kawaii!!!!
Vous commencez avec un silver zodiac cloth, qui peut évoluer en noir, et enfin l'or

images et infos sont sur ​​le site mmoculture.com

zodiac gallery:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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